Junk Car Removal No Title No Problem

Why you should Junk My Car?

  • Have extra cash in your pocket to pay bills today!junk car removal
  • No longer have to worry about home owner association, HOA.
  • No longer have to worry about auto insurance on your old junk car.
  • No car sitting in your driveway or garage!
  • Your vehicle is no longer leaking toxic chemicals into the ground!

Turn your unwanted junk car, junk truck or junk coat into cash today! We will not only pay you cash but we will tow it for free! No we don’t charge you for towing! We don’t care if your junk car is running or not we buy them all.

Junk My Car Today Junk Car Removal

Junk my car today. We are your no hassle choice for local junk car buyers. Nobody pays more than us. We have been doing junk car removal here in the Houston area for years! By us being local and purchasing any year make or model we have managed to help clean up a lot of old junk cars in the Houston area! We have always specialized in cash for cars!

We have been offering junk car removal for year’s right here in the Houston areas. We are your number one choice for ecofriendly junk car removal. We pride ourselves on recycling your vehicle. This helps to keep Houston areas beautiful and clean. Many old cars are sitting around leaking toxic fluids into the ground. Don’t allow your old junk car, junk truck or junk boat leak fluids into the ground at your property!

Does My Junk Car Qualify to be purchased by Houston Junk Car Buyer without a Title

In short the answer is yes as long as you are the legal owner of the vehicle. We will purchase your car with no title. We will run the vehicle identification number, VIN. As long as the vehicle is registered in your name and there is no liens on the title we are more than willing to pay you top dollar for your vehicle. There is a little extra paperwork for us to do, you will have to sign these. We will also require a photo copy of your driver’s license or identification. Find no title junk car removal here!

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How can I junk a vehicle with no title?
    One of the most common questions asked us is “Can you purchase my car with no title?” or “I want to sell car without title.” the answer is in short yes. When we arrive we will need to see a state issued identification or driver’s license. We will than run your vehicle’s VIN number to verify that you own it. The vehicle MUST be in your name with no liens on it. Sometimes if there is a lien and you know you have paid the lien off we can obtain verification from the lien holder and still purchase the vehicle.
    In the Houston area you can obtain a duplicate title to your vehicle at the TXDOT office located at I-10 and Washington. The address is 7600 Washington Avenue Houston, Texas 77007. At the writing of this article the fee to obtain a certified duplicate title was $5.40. You must take your state issued identification or driver’s license in with you.
  2. Does my old junk car have to run in order for Houston Junk Car Buyer to purchase it?
    We don’t care if your vehicle is running or not. We offer junk car removal on all vehicles running or not. We don’t care how old or how new your vehicle is we will purchase it. We purchase compact cars, pickup trucks, RV’s, sport utility vehicles, tri-axle and commercial vehicles. We always pride ourselves on paying top dollar for your junk car or truck!
  3. Will you tow my vehicle for free?
    Yes we do. Unlike other junk car buyers we are the first to tow your vehicle for free with every purchase. There is no hidden costs to you. We do not deduct anything from the price of your vehicle for purchasing your vehicle for towing. This is totally free!
  4. Does Houston Junk Car Buyer purchase motor homes and campers?
    Yes we will purchase motor homes and camper trailers. We do however have a few stipulations. We can’t purchase motor homes or campers that have a leaky roof that has damage on the inside. We don’t want to take a chance on our employees getting sick over mold in an old motor home or travel trailer.

Houston Junk Car Buyer will Pay you Top Dollar for Junk Car Removal

Houston junk car buyer is here to pay you top dollar for your junk car or junk truck. We pride ourselves on being able to make you the best offer in the industry. We will not only pay you cash today but we will tow your junk car for free. we always do our best to pick up the same day you call! Give us a call for your no obligation quote on junk my car 713-592-2576

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Sell Junk Car for Cash Today!

Sell junk car today, fast, to Houston Junk Car Buyers! We pay cash for all cars and trucks running or not. We always pick up vehicles we purchase for free. Nobody in Houston can beat us! We are known for paying the most for junk cars running or not.

Because Houston Junk Car Buyers has been located in Houston for over 40 years, we have gained a reputation as being the top paying junk car buyer in the Houston areas!

Why Choose Houston Junk Car Buyers:

  • We have been in the Houston area for over 42 years
  • Houston Junk Car Buyer is locally owned and operated
  • We are rated five stars out of five stars!
  • We pay top dollar for your junk car or junk truck!junk car buyers
  • Towing and pick up is always free!
  • We love doing business in Houston!

Junk My Car Removal Process:

  1. Give us a call, 713-592-2576 or submit your information on the form to the right.
  2. We ask you a few questions about your vehicle
  3. We provide you with the highest possible quote
  4. We schedule your vehicle to be picked up!
  5. Driver arrives looks at your title and pays you for the vehicle!

Yes, it is that easy to sell Houston Junk Car Buyers your vehicle! Nobody else makes it easier.

Other Junk Car Removal Companies:

There are a lot of other junk car buyers in the Houston areas. You must be aware of junk car buyers that are pushy and wanting to pay you cash. In Texas you are not allowed to pay cash for junk or none running vehicles. The state wants a record of who you are purchasing the vehicle from.

Don’t ever let someone have your title before they pay you. There are a few companies that will request you to mail the title in, then they will mail you a check. You should never have to wait for your money.

When you sell your vehicle to a junk car buyer you MUST always receive a receipt for the sale of the vehicle. This is so you can prove to the state that you sold the vehicle. Without this receipt you could be held liable if something happens with that vehicle.

Houston Junk Car Buyer welcomes all junk car owners and fleet owners to contact us. We can be called at 713-592-2576. We will give you the best no hassle price on your junk car or junk truck!

Houston Junk Car Buyers Specializes in:

Houston Junk Car specializes in purchasing old junk vehicles, wrecked vehicles, flooded vehicles, unwanted vehicles. We purchase all years’ makes and models. No car is too new or too old for us to purchase! We don’t care about the condition of the vehicles we purchase. We want all of them!

With more than 42 years’ experience in the Houston junk my car business we are your junk car buyer! We have always provided ourselves with treating our customers like family! We are known for providing prompt, courtesy, on time service!

Sell Junk Car, Junk Vehicle Removal:

We always pay top dollar in the Houston and Harris county areas. We refuse to be beat! If you want an honest local company, we are the ones to call! Give Houston Junk Car Buyers a call for your no obligation quote 713-592-2576.

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The Best Junk Car Buyers Houston

Junk Car Buyers Houston

Are you looking for junk car buyers Houston? You have come to the right website! We will pay you the absolute best for your vehicle running or not. Will not only purchase your vehicle but tow it for free. Yes I said free towing on all vehicles we purchase. We do this for our customer’s connivance.

Our goal at Car Buyers Houston is to not only pay you the best for your vehicle but to give you the best customer care you have ever received. We pride ourselves on treat people the way we want to be treated! We are your absolute best choice for junk car buyers Houston.

We Buy Junk Cars Houston Areas

We specialize in purchasing unwanted vehicles from people in Houston and surrounding areas. We have been doing this for over 40 years. From day one we buy junk cars in Houston. This has always been our goal and always will be what our business does.

Because we specialize in purchasing unwanted cars and trucks this means that our business has developed relationships that provide an advantage of being able to sell the parts off of vehicles for a higher market price. Thus meaning we are able to pay you more.

There are a lot of Junk Car Buyers Houston but only one of us

With so many junk car buyers Houston how do you tell which one to go with? Well below we will list a few differences that set us apart from the others!

Things that set Houston Junk Car Buyer apart from those other companies:

  • We are local
    Being local means that we are located in Houston in fact four locations. If you have a problem you are able to visit us at our office. Most car buyers you find online are located in another state or even another country!
  • Been in business for over 40 year’s right here in Houston
    We have been and continue to be based out of Houston, Texas. Houston Car Buyers is very proud of this fact! Being from here helps a lot.
  • Licensed in the State of Texas to purchase vehicles
    We have the proper licenses and bond from the state of Texas. When we purchase your vehicle it means that we are able to notify the state that we purchased your vehicle. Out of state buyers are not able to do this.
  • Family owned and operated
    From day one we have been family owned and operated. We love this fact because we stick to our family values. This also means there is not a guy in a corporate office making decisions without being experienced with customers.
  • We care about our customers
    Junk Car Buyers Houston cares about our customer experience. We want you to have a painless and simple experience.

Above mentions just a few of what sets Houston Junk Car Buyer apart from the other car buyers out there. We did not mention all of them.

How to get a Quote from Car Buyers Houston

Getting a quote from us is very easy just give us a call at 713-592-2576. We will ask you a couple of questions about your vehicle. Like is it running what’s a matter with it and a few other questions. Based off of your answers we will give you an estimate on what we are willing to pay for it. We are your best choice for car buyers Houston.

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Houston Car Buyer is Paying a Bonus on all Late Model Vehicles

 Call us 713-592-2576 to Sell Your Vehicle to Houston Car Buyer Today!

Houston Car Buyer is paying a bonus for all late model vehicles. This is 2005 and above. Yes we are paying more than anybody else in the Houston area! We will come out and pay you cash on the spot for your vehicle running or not! Yes I said running or not!

local car buyerIf you have a vehicle that is 2005 or newer you will receive more from Houston Car Buyer then you would if you traded it in or sold it to a car lot. Because of the relationships we have developed over the years has allowed us to be able to pay more for your vehicle.

Houston Junk Car Buyer Pays Top Dollar

Houston Junk Car Buyer Houston Junk Car Buyer is Houston’s primer pick for selling your old unused or wrecked car. We not only will tow it for free but will pay you on the spot. We are a very professional, courteous company that offers a no hassle way of selling your …

Houston Car Buyer has been a Car Buyer

Houston Car Buyer has been a car buyer in the Houston area for many years. We are a family owned and operated business. We started out over 40 years ago with my grandfather buying cars to resell, people would come by and ask him for parts to vehicles they needed to repair. He got the idea of buying none running vehicles for the purpose of selling parts off of them.local car buyer

After a little while the word got out that we were paying top dollar for old unwanted vehicles. People would go by the yard where my grandfather was to drop off a vehicles. We started towing vehicles about five years after that. When we started towing vehicles our business grew to the point my Grandfather start hiring, of course he went within the family to find workers.

Flooded Car Buyer in Houston Area – Houston Junk Car Buyer

Flooded Car Buyer in Houston Area. Written by Houston-Car-Buyer on May 27th, 2015 July 25th, 2015 . Houston Car Buyers is your premier flooded car buyer in Houston. We will pay you top dollar for your flooded car on the spot.

Houston Car Buyer is Still Family owned and Operated

To this day the company is still family owned and operated. We value our small business mentality. When you call you speak to a live operator not someone located in another state or even country. We are and have always been based out of Houston. We look for other local companies to do business with. This only helps to improve our local economy! This also makes use a one of a kind local used car buyer.

Sell your car Today Receive a free quote

To receive a no obligation quote give us a call at 713-592-2576. We will ask you a few questions about your vehicle based on your answers we will give you a quote. We will then schedule a pick of your vehicle at your conveyance. At the time of pickup we will pay you on the spot. Because we are a local car buyer there is no waiting for a check to come in the mail! We are truly a local car buyer!

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Have A Junk Car, SUV, Truck or Van That You Want to turn into cash? We Will Buy It! Junk Car Buyer

Sell Houston Junk Car Buyer your junk car, SUV, truck or junk van, we will put the most money in your pocket today for your vehicle! Houston Junk Car Buyer has been buying junk cars in the Houston area for over 40 years! We are licensed and bonded to make sure that everything is done the right way and the legal way!

All of our staff is fully trained and competent! We run back ground checks on all of our staff for your safety.

We will come to your home, office or the shop where your junk car or junk truck is located. You do not have to bring your vehicle to us we come and pick it up from you! We make selling your vehicle to us easier than any other company. Nobody beats or price and we are local junk car buyers!

We Purchase all Makes and Models of vehicles. We don’t care what kind of Shape it is in, We Will Pay Cash for it! Houston Junk Car Buyer has You Covered

We will purchase running driving cars, broken down cars, wrecked, flooded, or just not wanted. We will not only take these cars off of your hands, we pay cash you cash on the spot. We are your junk car buyer!

When selling us your cars we will handle all of the headaches for you. We handle all of the paperwork for you. We are Houston’s biggest junk car buyer! Nobody pays more for your old unused car. Every car we purchase we tow for free. A lot of companies deduct for towing from the quote, we do not we truly have free towing!

Yes We Purchase Wrecked Cars.

Repairing a vehicle after an accident is an expensive cost. How do you know that the vehicle will be restored to its new condition, you don’t. You have to make sure that the body shop doing the repairs is qualified and knows how to do the repairs properly. Anytime a vehicle gets into an accident it devalues its value.

No worries Houston Junk Car Buyer will pay you for your wrecked car or wrecked truck.

Receive a No Obligation Quote for Your Junk Car or Truck from Houston Junk Car Buyer

Houston Junk Car Buyer will give you a free no obligation quote for your junk car. We are licensed by the state of Texas to purchase junk cars and trucks. Houston Junk Car Buyer is not a national junk car buyer, we only purchase cars in the Houston areas.

When you get your quote we will be more than happy to schedule a pick up time at your convenience. We are a small company, with small company values!

Call us 713-592-2576 to receive a free no obligation quote!!

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Junk Car Buyers

Call Houston Junk Car Buyers for a Free Quote 713-592-2576

Sell us your clunker and get cash today!

 “We Pay Top Dollar for Junk Cars!”

We will accept any car, any truck or any van. We don’t care about the condition! We want them all!

We will give you a fair quote instantly. Nobody pays more than us.

No need for you to have to do the paperwork we will do it for you. We don’t charge for doing the state mandated paperwork. This is all part of our junk car buyers service!

We never ever and never have had any hidden fees. Some junk car buyers try to charge customers for towing or title transfers we do not. We have constantly kept the highest payouts in the industry!

Three of Our Simple Steps to Get Quick Cash for Your Junk Car

  1. Call for Your Quote
  2. Get Picked Up Today!
  3. Get Paid the Same Day!

Welcome to Houston Junk Car Buyers; We Pay Cash for Junk Cars!

Do you have an old junk car? Looking for good junk car buyers? You have found the right place! Give us a call right now, 713-592-2576, to get a no obligation quote. We do not care what kind of shape it is in! We will pay you for it.

We recycle everything in your vehicle. Nothing goes to waste; we even recycle your old upholstery! This is the best for the environment! GO GREEN!

You may be surprised at how much your old junk car is worth! A lot of times we ask what our customers what they want for their vehicle, we end up giving them more than what they wanted!

How can Houston Junk Car Buyers Pay More Than Any Other Junk Car Buyers?

We have built many relationships with nationwide part suppliers, these suppliers will pay us for old parts to be refurbished and sold. This allows us to pay top dollar for your junk cars n matter the condition! This keeps your old junk car from sitting in a junk yard.

Call us Right Now For Your No Obligation Quote on your Junk Car! Same Day Pick Up!

Your Vehicle is wrecked, has missing parts, flats, caught on fire, or just parked for a long time, no problem we will pay you top dollar for your vehicle.

Call us, we will ask you a few questions about your junk car or junk truck. Based on your answers we will give you a quote for your vehicle.

You Don’t Need To Tow, or Drive Your Vehicle to Us, We Will Tow It For Free, Yes We Offer Free Junk Car Removal!

Once you call us for a free no obligation estimate we will arrange a convenient pickup time for your vehicle. There is absolutely no charge for us picking up your vehicle. We have always offered free junk car removal!

When our truck arrives to pick up your junk car or junk truck, the junk car buyer will pay you on the spot! Yes we pay you the day we pick up your vehicle. There is no waiting for your money! We don’t come out to look at your vehicle to get you an exact price; we give you your exact price over the phone that our tow truck will be giving you!

Give us a call right now for your no obligation quote 713-592-2576. We are your best junk car buyers choice!

Junk Car Buyer

Guide to Getting a New Lost Title in Texas to Your Junk Car or Truck

So you have a junk cars you want to sell or you are looking for junk car removal but have lost the title. no problem if the vehicle is in your name. If the vehicle is not in your name we will cover that too. Junk car removal is not a problem here is how to obtain a lost Texas title.

OK I have decided to Sell My Car but Can Not Find the title!

We are going to go over the steps you will have to go through in order to replace a lost title in Texas. A lot of times we get calls from junk carpeople who have lost their title but the vehicle is in their name. Before we start we want to let everybody know that we are not attorneys or we don’t work for the state of Texas.  We are simple giving you this advice from our own experience, nothing more. Always consult with someone who is licensed to give advice.

In Texas the branch of the state government that covers titles is TXDOT or Texas Department of Transportation. Not your local county tax office. They have offices in almost every major city in Texas. Not all of the TXDOT offices do replacement or duplicate titles for the public. The closest regional TXDOT office can be located at http://txdmv.gov/regional-service-centers.

What do I Need to Replace My Lost Title

There are basically one form you will need to fill out in order to replace your title. It is Application for a Certified Copy of Certificate of Title. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader in order to read these forms. Get it for free from Adobe Acrobat Reader. Complete the form. You will have to have it fully completed or they will not accept it.

You can either mail it in to the state or take it into your regional TXDOT office. These are the best two ways to get your title. Mailing in costs $2.00, in person costs $5.45 you will need your completed VTR-34 and a copy of your state issued driver’s license or id.

What If My Lost Title is in both my Name and My Wife’s Name?

You can sign a limited power of attorney for someone else to get the title for you, if you can’t get to the title office yourself. With that power of attorney, the people will also need to show their own photo ID as well as a copy of yours. This means you will need both your id and your spouses.

What if there is a Lien on my Vehicle But is Paid Off?

If your vehicle has a lien on it but is paid off you will need what is called a release of lien. If you call your lien holder up and explain to them that you need a release of lien they will know what you need. Make sure that there is a business card with your release of lien. This is in case TXDOT needs to call them and verify them. The state says you need Release of Lien on lien holder’s original letterhead, or if Release of Lien is on the department’s Form VTR-266, the lien holder agent signing the release must attach proof they are, a verified agent of the lien holder, i.e., letter of signature authority on original letterhead, a business card with agent’s name, or a copy of agent’s employee photo ID.

Conclusion How to Get a Copy of my Lost Title Texas

If you have all of the above things done and completed you should have no problem obtaining a duplicate title to your vehicle. Mailing in can take up to six weeks or longer while going in person you can obtain it in person. Lost car title is not a major problem. Good luck and if you have any questions please ask away. Remember Houston Junk Car Buyer is your local junk car removal service.

Lost Title

Junk car Buyer in Clear Lake

Junk car Buyer Clear Lake

We will purchase your junk car buyer Clear Lake. Top dollar paid for all junk cars and trucks Clear Lake. If you are looking to sell a junk car in Clear Lake we will pay you cash. Have cash today in your hand today. We offer free towing on all vehicles we purchase.

How does Houston Junk Car Buyer work?

You call us and ask us for a no obligation quote. We ask you a few questions about the junk vehicle you want to sell. Based on your answers we will give you a quote. If you accept the offer we then schedule you to have your junk car for picked up. We usually pick your vehicle up the same day as you accept the quote.

What paper work do I need to sell you my junk vehicle?

We require you to have a state issued driver’s license or identification. The state requires us to collect this information for a sale. The title to the vehicle, if you don’t have the title to your vehicle we will need you to give us the vehicle identification number (VIN). We will check your VIN number to make sure the vehicle is registered to you, without a lien on the vehicle. We have some extra paperwork that must be signed by you.

If you have lost your title we can still purchase your junk vehicle. We will have to get an extra form filled out; this form is mandated by the state. In addition to the extra form we will have to have a photo copy of your state issued identification.houston junk car buyer

Do you Pay Cash for Junk Cars?

Yes we do! We will pay you cash on the spot for your junk car or truck. We will not mail you a check or have you wait for your money, we pay you when we pick up the vehicle. Before we pay you we have you sign a bill of sale and thumbs print it.

How do I get a Quote from Houston Junk Car Buyer?

You can give us a call at 713-592-2576 for your no obligation quote. We will ask you a few questions then give you a quote. We will stick by our quote, no games! Remember Houston Junk Car Buyer.


Junk Car Removal Service in Houston

Junk Car Removal Service in Houston

So you have an old, unused, wrecked or junk car taking up space on your driveway or in your garage, you need a junk car removal service! Sell it for cash today! You have found the biggest car buyer in Houston! We are a local company that has been in the Houston area for over 40 years. We specialize in buying junk cars and trucks, old vans, and old boats. We don’t care how new or how old your vehicle is. The condition doesn’t matter either, we buy them running and not running!

Reasons to Sell your Old Unwanted Vehicle for Cash

There could be several reasons for wanting to sell you unwanted vehicle. We are your local junk car buyer!

  • Reasons for selling your old carhouston junk car buyer
  • How to properly sell you junk car
  • Professional
  • License, Insured and Bonded for Junk Car Removal

Reasons to Junk Your Car with Junk Car Removal Services

So many vehicles are not wanted by their owners. These cars end up taking up space in garages, yards or garages. Some are even abandoned and forgotten. These cars and trucks can be turned into cash with just a call.

If you have an old vehicle just sitting around collecting dust we will pay you top dollar for your vehicle. If you are paying insurance and registration fees for a vehicle, STOP, sell it to us. This makes sense not to be paying fees for a vehicle you are not using.


Frequently Asked Questions about Junk Car Removal Service

  • Will my Junk car be picked up and paid for the same day? Most of the time, yes. Our goal is to purchase your vehicle the same day you call us. if we are unable to pick up your vehicle the same day we will make an appointment with you, that is convenient for you.
  • Does Houston Junk Car Removal service pay cash or check for my vehicle? We pay both. We have to follow the laws of Texas. Depending on the amount dictates if we are able to pay you cash or a check. If you would prefer a cashier’s check we are more than happy to pay with one. When we arrive we arrive ready to purchase your vehicle. We have to do some paperwork. The paperwork usually only takes ten minutes to complete.houston junk car buyer
  • Will you buy my SUV or large truck? Yes we will pay you top dollar for them! We are known for paying more than anybody else for these types of vehicles. We even pay more than most dealers do on trade ins!
  • Do you only purchase certain makes and models? We purchase all makes and models of vehicles. In fact some junk car buyers only will buy certain kinds of vehicles, not us. We are more than happy to give you a quote for your vehicle.
  • How easy is it to get a quote? It is very easy, just give us a call, we will ask you a few questions about the vehicle that you are wanting to sell. Based on your answers we give you a quote. We do not hassle you at all!
  • When does my vehicle get picked up? We always try to pick up your vehicle the same day as you call. We always pick up when it is convenient for you. Houston Junk Car Removal Service has been in the Houston area for over 40 years, during this time we have always and always will be family owned and operated.
  • Are you local to the Houston area? Yes we are local to the Houston areas. We have always been located and based out of the Houston area and always will be located here. You are selling your vehicle to a local junk car buyer not a national buyer. This allows you to be sure that we are following all Texas laws.
  • What is the advantage of selling Houston Junk Car Buyer my vehicle? The highest and best advantage we here from our customers is the speed of pickup and price we pay. Most of the time you will have cash the same day you call us. There are a lot of national junk car buyers that cannot pick up the same day.
  • What paperwork is required to sell my junk car? Houston Junk Car Buyer requires you to have a state issued drivers license or government issued identification. The title to the vehicle you are selling. In some cases we are able to purchase vehicles without a title. If you have lost your title we are more than happy to obtain a duplicate from the state. When our wrecker or junk car buyer arrives to purchase your junk car we will have a few pieces of state mandated paperwork for you to fill out. At the end of doing this paperwork we will pay you and give you a copy of the bill of sale to your vehicle. The whole process takes about 5 minutes.
  • Does it matter is my vehicle is damaged or the tires are flat? We don’t care if your vehicle is damaged or not. When you call us for your free no obligation quote we ask you what damages your vehicle has. This allows us to give you an accurate quote.
    Flat tires are not a problem. We need to know before we send a wrecker to pick up your vehicle. This lets us know what kind of wrecker to send from our fleet.
  • Does Houston Junk Car Buyer charge any fees? The plain and simple answer is no. some junk car buyers do have hidden fees, we do not. Our towing and processing is free. We have never charged a fee and don’t ever want to charge any fees!
  • When do I get paid for my Junk Car? You receive payment when we pick up your vehicle. We offer three types of payment for your vehicle, cash, check or certified check. We are not always able to pay cash for your vehicle, the state doesn’t allow us to pay cash after a certain amount. We have streamlined our junk car buying process in order to get you taken care of!
  • When do I get my payment? In most cases you can choose to get your payment in two ways from Houston Junk Car Removal Service. You can either receive it on the spot in cash when your car is verified and picked up or you can receive it as a check in your mailbox after the car has been towed. The actual price will have been quoted to you beforehand over the phone, through email or the online form service. If you need any additional information between the time that your car is picked up and the check arrives in the mail, then feel free to contact your junk car specialists.

Houston Junk Car Removal Service is here to help you and make the process of selling your vehicle painless and easy. We always offer free towing! We always offer top dollar for junk cars! To receive your free no obligation quote from Houston Junk Car Removal Service give us a call 713-592-2576.

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