How Houston Junk Car Buyer Works

Houston Junk Car Buyer will pay top dollar for your junk car or trucks, running or not. There is no need to come to us, we come to you! We will arrive ready to pay you cash on the spot! Not only do we pay you the same day we also tow your vehicle for free. We will take care of everything for you.

Are you wondering “How do I Sell my Junk Car to a Local Junk Car Buyer” Look no Further

Houston Junk Car Buyer has for easy steps for you to sell your vehicle to a local junk car buyer.

  1. Call us.
  2. We come to you
  3. If you don’t have your title and it was registered in Texas, we will obtain a certified copy of your title at no charge to you!
  4. We give you CASH and take your vehicle off your hands.

We are Your Local Junk Car Buyer

Our local junk car buyer services include, junk car removal in the Houston and surrounding areas. We will not only purchase your junk car or truck, we will tow it for free! Yes I said free! No gimmicks or games we are here to purchase your vehicle.

If you have misplaced your title no problem. We have a program in place to help you. When you call us let us know you have lost your title. We will then run your vehicle’s identification number. In order for us to purchase your vehicle there can’t be a lien on the vehicle. The vehicle must be in your name or your legal spouse’s name.

We will need a state issued identification or drivers license. The state requires us to fill out some extra paperwork. We will than pay you for your vehicle and tow it for free.

A Few Questions Houston Junk Car Buyer gets Asked

  • Q. Is it best to sell my car to you or would I be better off to donate my car?
    A. Let’s say you donate your car and receive a $300 tax deduction. That will only amount to approximately 1/3 of $300 or $100.
  • Q. Will I have proof that I sold my vehicle?
    Yes at the time of purchasing your junk car we will give you a salvage bill of sale. You should keep this for your records.
  • Q. When do I get paid for my vehicle?
    When we arrive to pick up your vehicle we will pay you on the spot. There is no waiting for your money to come in the mail. A lot of other local junk car buyers they try to mail you a check or have you pick it up.
  • Q. Is there any hidden charges?
    A. absolutely not! We don’t have any hidden charges.

What Separates Houston Junk Car Buyer from other Local Junk Car Buyers?

  • Sell to us and receive cash on the spot.
  • We always offer free towing.
  • We are licensed, bonded and insured!
  • Call us for a free no obligation quote 713-592-2576

Why Should You Use Houston Junk Car Buyer

We have been in the industry right here in Houston for many years. We handle all the paperwork for you. This means that we are conducting the purchase of your vehicle legally and the right way.

All of our employees have a pre-hire background check ran to make sure the public is safe. We are dependable, reliable, courteous, and on time.

Fast, Easy and Hassle Free. Selling a vehicle in Texas can be difficult, risky and costly, not to mention a lengthy process accompanied by tedious phone calls, but not with Houston Junk Car Buyer.

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