Services that Houston Junk Car Buyer Offers in The Houston Area

Houston Junk Car Buyer offers several services to help the Houston area with selling your car. If there is a service that you don’t see here but you are not sure if we offer it please feel free to call us 713-592-2576.

Below is a List of Houston Junk Car Buyer Services:

We purchase junk cars or old unwanted vehicles. Our main business is purchasing unwanted or junk cars. Junk cars are the biggest thing we purchase but not the only items we purchase. As always we will pay top dollar for junk cars. We also offer same day pick up. This means you will have cash in your hand today with no waiting!

We purchase junk trucks. Houston Junk Car Buyer purchases a lot of trucks. Trucks are the second most that we purchase. So many old unwanted trucks are recycled by us that is has become our second highest purchased item. We are very proud of the fact that these old unwanted trucks are not ending up in a landfill polluting the environment!

We also purchase junk semi-trucks. We purchase junk semi-trucks all the time. We have to come out and inspect these in order to give a quote. These trucks have helped to deliver needed goods and products all across America to help us, we feel it is only fitting to be able to recycle them and put them to good use.

We purchase old school buses. We will get that old school bus out of your yard. Is it making your property look bad or like an old junk yard? Let us help you clean it up. We will pay you top dollar for that old nonworking bus. Not only will we pay you for it but we will also tow it for free.houston junk car buyer

We purchase junk four wheeler s. We will purchase your old junk 4 wheeler. Lately we have gotten a lot of calls on these. Yes, we will pick these up and pay you cash on the spot. To our knowledge there are no other places that purchase junk four wheeler s.

We purchase junk or old motorcycles. We will buy your old junk motorcycle. Give us a call we will come out can pick it up and get it out of your yard or garage.

We purchase junk broken down golf carts. We recycle all usable parts from your old broken down golf carts. Give us a call and we will make you an offer.

We purchase old junk aluminum boats. If you have an old aluminum boat taking up space and would like to sell it give us a call.

We purchase old travel trailers. We will purchase your old travel trailers. The travel trailers cannot have a roof that has leaked do to environmental regulations. Call for a quote.

We purchase junk utility trailers. We will purchase your old trailers. These are trailers used to haul livestock or other items. If you have an old trailer, please give us a call.

We purchase old Rvs / recreation vehicles. We will purchase your old junk recreation vehicles. Your old RV is worth cash to you. Call us up and give us details. We will also pick it up for free.

We will purchase all of the items listed above. Houston Junk Car Buyer will pay you top dollar and pick the items up free of charge. There is no coming to us, we come to you!

Call Houston Junk Car Buyer for a quote

Call us for your free no obligation quote on the above listed items. We will ask you a couple of question then give you a quote. Call 713-592-2576 Houston Junk Car Buyer is the biggest car buyer in Houston, Texas. We buy junk vehicles!


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