Sell my Car Houston Texas

Houston Junk Car Buyer is your source for sell my car Houston. We have been in the Houston area for over forty years. We will pay you top dollar on the spot. We will even tow your vehicle for free. Call us today and don’t wait!

Selling your vehicle to Sell my Car Houston

Sell my Car Houston has made the process of selling your vehicle to us easy. We have stream lined the process to the point that the whole process only takes about 20 minutes from call to pickup. No other company in the Houston area can do this! A lot have tried but none have accomplished this feat!

We have accomplished this by working closely with the state, city and county. This ensures that we are well within the proper legal means of conducting a sale.

What is Required to Sell My Car

We require you to own the vehicle. The vehicle has to be legally yours. This means that you would have had to legally purchase the vehicle from someone or the title must be in your name in order to sell my car.

If you have lost or misplaced the title that is ok. We are able to run the vehicle identification number, VIN. This is to verify the title is free and clear and is not stolen. If your vehicle has a lien on it we will need a release of lien or we will have to contact the lien holder work out a payoff for your vehicle.

After you have agreed to the price for your vehicle we will schedule your vehicle to be picked up by us. We will pay for transportation to our location for your vehicle. There is no charge for this. We will never charge you for anything!

How to Receive a Free Car Buy Quote from Sell My Car

Receiving a quote from sell my car is as easy as giving us a call, we buy any cars. We will ask you a few questions about your vehicle and offer you top dollar for your vehicle running or not. Don’t wait call Sell My Car 713-592-2576.

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Sell My Junk Car in Houston, Texas

Sell My Junk Car, Wrecked Car or Flooded Car in Houston, Texas.

Do you need to sell my junk car, sell wrecked car, or sell flooded car? No problem Houston Junk Car Buyer has you covered, we pay top dollar for these vehicles! We always pay cash on the spot, put some money in your pocket now! Houston Junk Car Buyer has been purchasing junk cars and junk trucks right here in the Houston areas for over 40 years.

Every one of our operators that answer your calls are fully trained by us. They are also located right here in Houston, not in some other state. They are located in one of our four locations.

We come to you to purchase your vehicle. You don’t have to bring us your vehicle. So many other junk car buyers try to get the customers to bring them the vehicle they need to sell. If your vehicle doesn’t run this means you have to pay for towing, that is not good! We always tow for free! Top dollar for junk cars!

So when you are wanting to Sell my Car please call Houston Junk Car Buyer. We have made it very easy to sell your junk car to us.sell my junk car

Steps to selling your junk car or junk truck:

  • Find your title.
  • Take notes of any damage or missing parts on your vehicle.
  • Call Car Buyer Houston 713-592-2576.
  • Receive your free no obligation quote.
  • Schedule your free pickup.
  • Our wrecker arrives to tow vehicle for free.
  • When our wrecker picks up your vehicle they will pay you on the spot!

Our goal is to pay top dollar for all junk cars running or not!

Sell My Car Houston Purchases all Kinds of Vehicles Running or Not, No Matter what is Wrong with them!

When you are wanting to sell my car and don’t know where to turn Houston Junk Car Buyer has you covered. We pay top dollar for ugly cars, pretty cars, wrecked cars, flooded cars, you name it we will pay cash on the spot for it!

We are very well known for paying top dollar for junk car running or not! Don’t be fooled by these companies that try to by like us, they are not us! We have heard all kinds of stories about these fly by night junk car buyers don’t get caught up in that. Because we are licensed by the state of Texas this ensures that we are conducting the purchase properly, like the state wants it!

Sell my Junk Car Does Purchase Vehicles that Were in an Accident

We know and understand that repairing a vehicle after an accident can be expensive. Not only is it expensive it decreases the value of your vehicle. Insurance companies and reporting agencies make money off of selling vehicle accident reports so more than likely your vehicle has a report on it after the accident.

Many time a dealer ship will not accept a vehicle that has been repaired after an accident as a trade in. they don’t want to be liable if they sell the vehicle and someone gets hurt due to the repairs not being done correctly. Houston Junk Car Buyer does pay top dollar for wrecked cars and wrecked trucks!

It is that Simple for you to Sell my Junk Car Houston!

Houston junk car buyer is a full service local junk car buyer with four local locations right here in the Houston area! Remember we are the home of the free tow and same day pick up! Call us for a free no obligation quote 713-592-2576. Remember we are the original sell my junk car in Houston!

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